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You Can Learn to Manifest Your Dream Home Through Affirmations

The perfect mix of spirituality & practicality. Experience how to LIVE in your dream home before you close on your dream home. This book will have you feeling good & MANIFESTING your dream home in no time. 


The Author

Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Agent & Mindset Expansion Expert

Marcia Coleman is a mom, wife, entrepreneur and Realtor® that loves the life she's created. She is a top, multi-million dollar producing real estate agent that credits her success to her unique way of relating to her clients. She doesn't understand "no" as rejection but as a guide to help her clients find their dream home that's perfect for them. She's always naturally been someone who knew how to go after what she wanted (even when it seemed like a hair-brained scheme) and make things happen. Her spiritual enlightenment journey began about 10 years ago. But even before the awareness of her internal power, she was operating in the spiritual laws of energy and attraction. She has since used her experiences and perceived failures to catapult her into her purpose. Using the spiritual principles of meditation, prayer and visualization, she has created several successful businesses, manifested cars, homes and a lucrative real estate career. Marcia has been speaking, teaching and guiding others to do the same on many levels and now wants to show you how to manifest your dream home through the practical steps of home ownership and the spiritual practice of easy and effortless attraction.

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I have been doing this since I’ve talked to you. I’m set to closing $1 million dollars in real estate this month and I’m working on April and May. I’m being intentional about what I need and what I want for my life, career and health. I’m revamping a lot of things for myself but I appreciate your advice and help. I still need it but thank you thank you thank you.

- V. Harris

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I signed up for the Manisfesther Challenge!  I am so grateful I did!  I learned so much from Marcia.  She is a great teacher and she explains step by step what is needed to be whole!  She gave us the right tools to use to become creators and live the life we dreamed of!  I recommend this challenge to everyone! 

- K. Peake

But wait...there's more

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You truly can have the home of your dreams. You don’t have to continue scrolling your timeline and watch others at the closing table, getting their keys to their new home. No one person is more valuable than the other and we all have access to the same things in life. It’s all up to YOU. This new eBook is a combinations of practical and spiritual application, using affirmation to get you to the closing table. Think a home buyer's consultation + personal development and this book will have you feeling good and MANIFESTING your dream home before you know it.

This 30-day group coaching program is for those who are SERIOUS about doing both the practical and spiritual work to truly manifest with ease their dream home. Marcia will go over the process step by step, help you begin the work to get you prepared, invite experts in to help educate you and she will help you go deep within so that you can believe and BE the homeowner you already are.


Designed to help guide you through all the steps to MANIFEST your dream home NOW!

Session for 2022:
March 1 - March 30

What You Can Expect to Receive:

Video Webinars (Live & Pre-recorded)

Theses webinars will give you detailed instructions and examples on each chapter of the book. These webinars are the basis for learning how to become a home owner and the steps necessary will be broken down a to z. 

Worksheets, References & Journaling Tools

The supplemental worksheets and materials will aid you in planning for your dream home as well as developing a new personal/spiritual discipline to manifest your dream home.

LIVE Q&A Sessions Weekly

Each week we will review the steps of the process, discuss manifesting techniques and answer any questions regarding readiness, credit, choosing a real estate agent, saving  and even meditating and manifestation.  We will also discuss any challenges, answer any lingering questions and most of all share our manifestations.

Choose a Package:


Digital Version Only


Downloadable .pdf version

eBook + 

1-Hour Home Buyer Readiness Assessment +
Beginner Game Plan


Downloadable .pdf version

1-Hour consultation to assess readiness

Readiness templates with suggested steps


Referrals to experts in your area ready to help you purchase your dream home

eBook +

30-Day Group Coaching Program


Downloadable .pdf version

30-minute consultation to assess readiness


In-depth mindset & personal development coaching


Month-long coaching, industry experts (loan officers, credit repair specialists & inspectors)

Webinars, Worksheets & Live Q&A Sessions Weekly

Accountability teams

Private Facebook Group for ongoing support until you purchase your new home

Contact Us:

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